5 Benefits of Urban Infill Development

Though Ottawa real estate is not what one might think about when they hear the term ‘urban infill development’, in reality, there’s a huge opportunity here to contribute to reducing urban sprawl and to build your dream home in the heart of one of Canada’s hub cities.

For those that have never come across the term ‘urban infill development’, this is an urban planning term that describes the practice of building on unused or underdeveloped property within an urban boundary. An urban infill development gives residents the chance to live in a compact, urban area and to make efficient use of the existing infrastructure there. With the many benefits to infill development, the Ottawa real estate marketplace has certainly taken advantage recently to help make use of valuable and available space.

1 – Tackle Urban Sprawl the Smart Way

While new housing developments take advantage of urban infill development, they make use of undeveloped or vacant land. Canadian cities, such as Ottawa, are continuing to sprawl outwards in very uncontrollable ways and this is a growing problem as it’s creating suburbanization, which carries social and environmental consequences.

Through urban infill development, one gets the opportunity to fill in an available space in the city. This is essentially re-purposing inner city space, which is great for a buyer as it gives them the opportunity to build on valuable space while creating an appealing, innovative home for themselves. In a sense, one is recycling the land around them, a process which is becoming increasingly popular in Ottawa real estate.

2 – Help Contribute to the City and the Neighbourhood

Another thing that you can feel good about is that you will not only be helping the city, but also the neighbourhood. City-wise, getting more individuals living in unclaimed spaces in the centre of Ottawa means less money having to be spent on building roads, utilities, etc. The infrastructure is already installed and ready to be used. Also, from a neighbourhood standpoint, new Ottawa housing developments input attractive properties that enhance the appearance of the buildings and spaces around it, and that help to rebuild the area’s reputation.

3 – You’re Close to Everything You Would Need

Perhaps the most exciting find in Ottawa real estate is an urban infill development like Timberwood Towns, which provides a new housing development in a key part of the city, already close to various amenities. Living near schools, workplaces, doctors, and grocery stores decrease the cost of living.

4 – You Already Have Water, Electricity, and Resources

When you buy into an Ottawa urban infill development, resources are already ready with access to essentials such as septic systems, electricity, and water. As a home builder, you won’t need to wait for these major systems to be implemented and connected, as you would if you bought on a lot elsewhere. This also decreases the cost of building a home as you don’t need to hire the contractors required to get these systems installed.

5 – Build your Dream Home

Beyond all other benefits of urban infill development, you get to build the home you’ve always wanted in a strong city region. This comes with a promising value as an investment in the long-term, and in the short-term, you get to enjoy all the comforts you incorporate into your build.

These are all part of the reason why urban infill development and new housing developments such as Timberwood Towns are being encouraged by Ottawa real estate agents, the City itself, and the province. More and more, we are beginning to see people shift attention slightly away from peripheral farmland and the outskirts of Ottawa to using and developing existing land already in the city. Moving forward, this will no doubt be a key element to managing growth in Ottawa real estate.

Bring new life to old neighbourhoods, get an affordable, stylish home – turn the key and enjoy.