5 Benefits of Buying a New Build over Resale

If you are in the market to buy a new home, there is a lot to consider when trying to decide between a new build or resale. The merits of each can be argued – on one hand, there is the old style architecture of resale homes and on the other, clean, modern new builds that many fall in love with. Young professionals and first-time home buyers in the Ottawa real estate market sometimes have difficulty finding their preference. There are many questions you want to ask yourself prior to making a buying move. This list is a fair place to start.

1. New Build Homes and their Location

Cities are built from established neighborhoods with access to urban transit and infrastructures that will ideally provide a homeowner with all that they need within five or ten minutes. New build homes and new housing developments offer many benefits in getting property owners away from the busier parts of the city, providing them with a place to pursue the lifestyle they’ve always wanted. Many new housing developments in Ottawa are found in inner city suburbs, where developers have bought land, torn down the older developments on it, and then, have re-developed it for the modern era. Those browsing Ottawa West houses for sale will see several examples of this.

2. Short-Term Price, but Long-Term Expense

A re-sale home on a square-foot basis are typically less expensive upfront but the long-term costs can be significant. If you’re a young professional or a first-time home buyer, few want a property that they’re going to have to continually be re-investing in as problems arise. New home builds are more expensive per square foot but the infrastructure in them is better and the amenities incorporated into its design are far more attractive. If you don’t plan on undergoing any major renovations, a new build can actually be less expensive in the long run. There’ll be no major expenses at least when it comes to having to undergo property maintenance or updates.

3. The Modern, Open Living Spaces

Many young professionals and first-time home buyers can appreciate the open, updated living spaces with clean, modern designs that are found in new builds. The new builds found in the Ottawa real estate market is surprisingly diverse with a wide array of unique features and amenities incorporated into its many available properties. There are simple designs as well as the more architecturally grand. Though resale homes do come with their own charm, new housing developments oftentimes produce superior work when it comes to formulating a diverse design to suit the owners’ lifestyle.

4. What Kind of Neighbours do You Want?

Older neighborhoods with resale homes can be unpredictable with who lives there. They are oftentimes a mix of young families, retirees, and renters. Some would say that the advantage of new builds, in terms of neighbours, is that it inputs a property owner into a community of somewhat like-minded people. Many new housing developments in Ottawa real estate are marketed towards a specific demographic, meaning that you can have the comfort of knowing that you will be surrounded by buyers likely with similar priorities.

In these cases, the buyer builds for the clientele. That can mean appealing to urban professionals, marketing starter homes, or building a sequence of single family homes. Ottawa West homes for sale can be a great place to start in searching out different new housing developments and communities that appeal to your identity.

5. Buying New Has its Many Advantages – Build a Home from the Ground Up

Buying new gives you the opportunity to be the first person to live there, slowly crafting the property to match your vision and your vision only. Major cities such as in the Ottawa real estate market, there are a number of properties that fetch for high prices that are not in the newest conditions. With a new home, you get to make it whatever you want to make it. There’s no need to invest additional cost and time to renovate and improve it. Instead of inheriting someone else’s choice of flooring, countertops, and cabinetry, have the opportunity to make it what you want. Everything is new and never been used!

Newer homes are not going to run into any issues with building codes and standards, and feature the latest in material technology and construction standards. Though there are pros and cons to both new builds and resale homes, it is highly recommended to look towards new builds if you can afford the initial buy-in. Don’t be worrying about what’s wrong with any given resale home. Plenty of Ottawa West homes for sale provide an excellent buy-in for any young professionals or first-time home buyers that are looking for some privacy but still with ties to the inner city.